The default and recommended mirror set in all of our installations points to mirror.archlinuxarm.org, which provides a redirection to mirrors closest to you using GeoIP geolocation.

The mirrors are push synchronized from our servers, ensuring that all available mirrors are always up to date with the latest packages.

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Becoming a Mirror

In order to ensure that all mirrors are up to date when changes are made to the package repository, and to integrate with our GeoIP mirror redirection system, we have more requirements for hosts to become official mirrors than other distributions. We also assign a subdomain to our mirrors to help keep naming consistent, and to allow our users to easily see where a specific host is geographically.

Critically, a mirror must be able to be set up to receive rsync pushes from our server. This can happen via rsyncd or over ssh. We do not make use of rsync pull for mirroring. We can provide an example rsyncd.conf file upon request to get you started with running the daemon.

If you would like to help us out and become a mirror, get in touch with us on IRC or by email.

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