This wiki is designed as a simple collection of markdown-formatted articles, providing information strictly related to Arch Linux ARM and its supported platforms.

All of the guidelines discussed here must be adhered to in all contributions. Failure to comply will result in a rejected submission.


This wiki is available on GitHub. To contribute: clone the repository, make your modifications, and submit a pull request. See these pages for help:

Rules for pull requests:

  1. One pull request per topic. If you want to address multiple topics on this wiki, create separate pull requests for each.
  2. Squash commits. Your commits should be meaningful. If you make incremental changes or fixes, they must be squashed before the pull request will be merged.
  3. Annotate changes. The pull request description as well as the commits must clearly summarize the changes being made.
  4. Supported platforms only. Information on unsupported platforms may be discussed on the forum.
  5. Accurate information. Inaccuracies, guesses, opinions, or any other non-factual or dangerous information is not permitted.

Style Requirements

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